Domestic Violence Offenses


DOMESTICDomestic Violence charges cover a wide variety of abuse, including spousal abuse and child endangerment. Any threat, threatening or violent act, even if the accused did not intend to harm or compromise the safety and security of the victim, could be grounds for prosecution under the Oregon’s Domestic Violence Laws. Domestic Violence cases are treated differently than other criminal cases. Frequently these matters are handled by specially designated prosecutors who are very experienced and will readily prosecute anyone charged with Domestic Violence.

A successful defense to domestic violence charges in Oregon often requires strong investigative tactics and a careful legal strategy. These cases are delicate, and warrant an experienced level of legal representation.

Domestic Violence Charges Attorney

Domestic Violence can be summarized in the law’s eyes as physical violence, threat of violence, or abuse which occurs in the following relationships:

  • Married Couples (can be referred to as Spousal Abuse)
  • Couples living together
  • People who have a child or children in common
  • People in a dating relationship or who were in a former dating relationship
  • People who were formerly married to each other
  • People who have had sex with one another

Domestic Violence Charges and the accused

Being accused of Domestic Violence can have far reaching effects on an individual´s life. Domestic Violence charges and convictions can bar you from employment with many companies, can tarnish an individuals reputation and change the way family, friends and colleagues perceive a person. With the media attention that goes into Domestic Violence and the prevalence of serious injuries and deaths as a result, many police officers will make arrests for Domestic Violence even when no injuries are apparent.In Oregon, many prosecutors receive special training in domestic violence issues, and understand the complex issues involved in prosecuting cases against people accused of Domestic Violence. These cases will go forward even if the complainant and alleged abuser wish to reconcile. The state will often proceed with filing charges or going to trial despite the wishes of the person designated as the injured party. The alleged victim is not able to simply drop the charges. That decision is in the hand of the District Attorney’s office.

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As you can imagine, penalties in Oregon for domestic violence assault can include large fines, probation, significant jail time and possibly mandatory prison. Penalties vary depending on whether the crime is considered a misdemeanor or felony, and whether this is a first, second or subsequent offense. To find out more about the specific circumstances that can lead to domestic violence assault charges, contact a Portland metropolitan area assault attorney today.