Drug Charges Attorney


Portland Or area Drug Charge Lawyer and Drug Offense AttorneyBeing charged with a drug related offense can be, and typically is, a serious offense in Oregon. Retaining an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with a proven track record in drug related charges can be paramount to a successful defense. In Oregon there are many additional enhanced charges that often go along with drug related allegations such as, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession/delivery within 1,000 feet of a school and so on. Having an experienced attorney who is familiar with the law related to search and seizure, and suppression of evidence can help you mount a successful defense against drug related charges.

Portland Or Drug Charge Lawyer

Attorney Daniel Cross is known and respected throughout the Portland Metro area and The State of Oregon as an Experienced and Tenacious Criminal Defense Attorney. His years of experience in drug related cases has earned him respect from his peers and clients alike. If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney that has a proven track record of aggressively representing his clients, call today to schedule a legal consultation to explore your rights and get expert advice before it’s too late. Formulating a plan and a defense strategy early is often key in drug related charges.

Experienced Drug Offense Attorney

Attorney Daniel Cross is an experienced and aggressive lawyer when it comes to drug related charges. For 20 years he has successfully protected the rights of many of his clients and has had many of his clients’ drug and narcotics charges dismissed or reduced. If you’ve been charged with drug possession, unlawful drug manufacture or delivery, delivery or possession within 1,000 feet of a school, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug related paraphernalia or any charge related to Oregon’s Medical Marijuana laws, it’s very important that you find an experienced drug charge attorney that has the results and expertise to guide you through this difficult time.

Criminal Defense Using Illegal Search & Seizure

Many times in Oregon, drug related charges and possession arise from a traffic stops. Often, additional charges will stem from these traffic stops. These cases are frequently complex, with many facts that need to be sorted out to determine important issues such as an unlawful stop or illegal search and seizure. Usually, success in these these cases comes from protecting your individual constitutional rights.

Daniel Cross’ number one priority is to protect the rights of his clients while formulating a defense strategy that gives his clients the best possible outcome for their drug related charges in Oregon. Because of the complexity of charges arising from drug manufacturing, delivery, or possession, we offer legal consultations for a minimal fee that will be applied to your fee once you have procured our services in these types of cases.